The Milton family of Washington.

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Step Out - Walk to Fight Diabetes

This year my company, ISOMEDIA, decided to start a wellness program for our employees (and me). As part of our wellness program we have been working with the Polyclinic in Seattle, and they introduced us to the American Diabetes Association fund raising StepOut walk-a-thon program for 2008. So this October 11th many of us here at ISOMEDIA, and as many friends and family members who would like to walk as well, will walk 5km or 10km around Seward Park in Seattle. Links to the event page and a donation page are listed below.

Original PC Zone Catalog Circa 1991

I worked as the PC Zone Manager back in 1991 (when I was 22), and this was the first catalog that we created. It included the release of MS DOS Version 5. The first retail upgrade of DOS, ever. I came up with a crazy promotion at the time, selling the MS DOS Upgrade for $59, along with a pack of coupons for $59 in savings on future purchases. I even had the audacity to hint that it was effectively "Free". Very cheezy, but we sold through more MS DOS upgrades than anyone at the time thought possible.

The scans below are the first three pages from that inaugural catalog in 1991, which includes the MS DOS 5 promotion. Call me nostalgic ;)

Enjoying Twitter

I have recently begun using for social chat, news watching, and updates with friends. If you are interested check out and my profile there