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rdesktop Console Utility for Linux

Release 0.50 is now available (3/29/02). Download here.
Requires rdesktop 1.1.0 or higher, the Perl Tk libraries Tk800, and the VNC::DES perl module.

Simple Perl/Tk utility for Linux to work with multiple rdesktop and 
VNC servers.
by Stephen Milton

Config file is .rdpconsole in home directory.
Config file commands are as follows:

Where geometry is specified as x-width by y-width: default 800x600;
server= can appear multiple times, once per server pre-set in the 
server list.  rdesktop_path= and vncviewer_path= are optional.  
Everything else is ignored.

Now works with VNC as well as rdesktop clients.  Right-Double-click 
to open a host using VNC, Left-Double-Click to open with rdesktop.

Source code formatting and tips lifted from:
   Alan Ford <alan at whirlnet dot demon dot co dot uk>
   and his nifty program ptknslookup found at

Color scheme of Black and Tan in honor of a fine beer combo!

Modification history:
11/2001 - v0.25: Initial release
03/2002 - v0.50: Added support for vncviewer sessions, and fixed display bug
                                in server list.  (both ideas from Eric Johanson)

Distributed with no warranty under the GNU Public License
Maintained by Stephen Milton (=milton)